It was in the year 1991 when a group of highly educated and deeply motivated enthusiasts decided to establish a college to serve as a model for others. Eventually PEF Model Degree College came into being. Over the passage of time it underwent transformation in growth and finally emerged as a Post Graduate College. With its multidirectional expansion, it necessitated to be circumscribed by ideally located vast precincts. Hence, it was shifted to its present new campus in the University Town from the old one at Warsak Road where now PEF Model School has taken inception.

The college functions as a compact semi residential institution with focus on modern educational needs. It offers purposeful curricula from morning till evening covering the phenomenal developments in the electronics media, information technology, internet communication, social sciences and Law disciplines besides pure science subjects for intermediate to post graduate level. To achieve the acme of success it becomes imperative to adopt a more dynamic, futuristic and pragmatic strategy and the allied didactic methods to effectively cope with the latest trends in education. It should overcome the changing value system and the currently surmounting socio-economic demands.

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