BS (HONS) English


Create a niche in the world with the English language and literature and Excel in the world with the largest number of career opportunities!

 Here in PEF University College, the English program or a subject of humanities and Social Sciences seeks to in inculcate in the fresh mind, a creativity, a freedom of enquiry and is considered a learning of highest caliber. BS English is one of the best programs for Excellence, whose sole goal is to unlock the critical, analytical and rational faculties of the students and open new Horizon beyond measure. This course is offering the subject in classical, modern, post modern and contemporary literature. The carefully scheme of study equally boost up individual linguistics skills, introducing new avenues in term of rhetoric and critical discourse.

Aims and objectives

BS English program ensures that students are well-versed in their research methodology. BS English aims at producing high employability graduates to meet the challenges of international job market.

Workshops, Seminars and training sessions are the regular feature of English program to keep the students abreast of the latest developments in English Studies.


We strengthen the liberal education of students by developing a profound understanding of language and enable them to use the language in a critical and effective writing skills.


We seek to create an aura of knowledge and love of literature and language in our students. In order to improve the students literary, analytical, pedagogical, and theoretical skills, we teach students to speak, read and write effectively.