BS Nursing


BSN is a 4-year degree programme which nurtures integrated nursing knowledge, skills and professional attitude. The complete BS degree leads the graduate to start practicing as a registered nurse. The graduates of BSN programme undergo registration with Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) after completion of 1-year work placement in accordance with internship policy of PNC.

Programme Goals

The BSN program prepares the registered nurse to be a professional health care practitioner who provides compassionate care, which is based on scientific evidence and who serve as the link between the patient (individual, family, community, or population) and the healthcare environment across the lifespan. Or by replica rolex yacht master

Programme Objectives:

The successful completion of the BSN programme will enable the students to:

1. Utilize critical thinking and creativity to address professional practice and patient care issues.

2. Apply leadership concepts and collaborative strategies to the process of nursing care delivery.

3. Utilize quality improvement and safety management principles in clinical nursing practice.

4. Identify and Understand basic elements of nursing research.

5. Integrate scientific evidence with clinical judgment and patient preference to improve patient outcomes.

6. Safely use information technology to improve patient care.

7. Describe the ethical, legal, political and financial influencers of the delivery of patient care.

8. Demonstrate interpersonal communication skills and collaborative strategies that support the delivery of interdisciplinary, patient-centered care.

9. Provide evidence based, preventive health care to families, communities, and vulnerable populations in community-based settings.

10. Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attributes of professional nursing practice.