Associate degree is a 2-year program to be offered after intermediate or equivalent education at the affiliated colleges and within the constituents’ departments/ Institutes/ colleges of the University of Peshawar, where there is no BS program as directed by HEC. This will provide an alternate option to the student of BA/ BSc and may be an integrated type program among the relevant departments/Institutes/colleges under one faculty or faculties. replica rolex sea dweller

Pathway to further education for associate degree holders

There will be two possibilities for students after the completion of ADA/ADS.

  1. they may be admitted in the university or colleges in 5th semester with the BS students and a separate BS 2-years degree will be issued to them.
  2. They may be admitted in the university are colleges in the 2-years program(BS 2-years) separately if the University start a two-Year program for them.

Eligibility for admission

candidates with FA and FSc or equivalent qualification and having at least second division secure in 45% mark in aggregate are eligible to apply


Students level of understanding in every course is evaluated through a 30 marks mid-term examination half way through the semester followed by a 50 marks final examination at the end of semester as well as a 20 marks assignment/quiz tests thus totaling to 100 marks assessment for each subject.