BS Dental Technology


BS Dental Technology at PEF University College Peshawar is 4 years semester degree-based program. Students will have opportunities to learn and practice in the dental labs and clinics.

The Graduated Dental Technologist has an opportunity to work in the field of dentistry to improve the community dental health and can assist Dental surgeon during different clinical procedures and surgeries. Dental technologist are the members of dental health team whose scope of work includes design, construction, repair or alteration of dental appliances or devices such as making crowns, bridge work and different prosthesis on prescription of a dentist.


Our vision is to be the pioneers in imparting quality healthcare education and to groom well qualified and competent healthcare professionals who will excel in their abilities to achieve perfection in healthcare education. replica rolex submariner


We are dedicated to achieve academic excellence in healthcare education; inculcating competence, integrity, honesty and innovative abilities in our learners so that they may right platform where they could use innovative methodology, get clinical experience and render better healthcare services to humanity.