BS Radiology


The Bachelor of Science in Radiology Technology is a four-year degree program designed to equip students with the relevant professional knowledge, skills, techniques and ethical values to enable them to apply their acquired expertise at a level between the doctors and the patient for the efferent Health Service Delivery.

To recruit and provide quality individuals with ambitious, extensive education that equips them with knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide high-quality, compassionate medical imaging.

Program Objectives

bar radiology education and training should enable the student to

  • develop accuracy and meticulousness to attain high levels of ethics and technical proficiency.
  • Access the technical and non-technical skills in a standardized and reproducible environment.
  • Strengthen the decision power and exercise appropriate judgement skills, to be applied especially and during crisis.
  • Develop good leadership, problem solving and administrative skills.
  • Develop and analyze innovative Strategies for effective communication with the patient and the health care personnel.
  • Demonstrate inter disciplinary team building strategies or effective co-ordination between various allied health disciplines.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the basic concept of professional behaviors and legal implementation of work environment.
  • demonstrate the knowledge of his/her role in health care delivery system.
  • Establish and maintain continuing education is a faction of growth and maintenance of professional competence.

Eligibility Criteria

  • F.Sc ( Pre- Medical) with minimum 50% marks or equivalent qualification
  • Age limit is 25 years