Programme Outcomes of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Upon successful completion of the progamme, the graduates of BBA programme will be able to:

  • exhibit understanding of broad business concepts and principles.
  • demonstrate critical thinking skills to address diverse business challenges and opportunities.
  • identify and define problems and opportunities.
  • demonstrate problem solving skills by gathering and assessing appropriate information.
  • exhibit the use of appropriate techniques to effectively manage business challenges.
  • effectively communicate management concepts, plans and decisions in oral presentations.
  • communicate management concepts, plans and decisions in written reports.
  • demonstrate professional conduct within any team activities.
  • execute the concepts of businesses at the work place.
  • participate actively in the business development of firms.
  • become entrepreneur themselves or will be able to contribute to the realization of entrepreneurs’ business vision.
  • promote work ethics in business organizations.
  • pursue higher degrees in the field of education and research in the national and international universities of repute.