Various College Examinations: In order to make assessment of progress of the students, the college administration conducts monthly test. The college maintains complete record of every test, which can be shown to the parents of the students on their request.

These monthly tests are regularly held through out the academic year for intermediate and degree classes. In addition, term tests are also held, the result of which too is communicated to the parents. At the end of academic year the college arranges the Detention Examination, which is followed by Pre-Board Examination. On the basis of the result of these examinations, the forms of Annual Examination are submitted to the Board. The students to take all their exams regularly and seriously.

Conditions for Passing College Examination:

I. Pass Marks All Subjects 40%
II. Failing in one subject
A candidate will be considered to have passed the exam provided:-
He has scored at least 25% marks in the subject he has failed.
His aggregate marks are not less than 40%

iii. Failing two subjects:
A candidate will b e considered to have passed the exam provided:
(a) He has scored at least 30% marks in failed subjects.
(b) His aggregate marks are not less then 40%
iv. Attendance Required 75%

During any Examination of the College, A Student absent in a single paper shall be fined Rs. 500/- while any student remaining absent in the whole exam shall be fined Rs. 3000/-

On using unfair means, the Student shall be fined Rs. 1000/- his/her paper be cancelled and his/her parents be called on.

No Application for leave shall be approved during the examination.

Those who may fall victim to an illness, are required to send their parents along with medical certificate and to meet the director of the college before / during the exam.

Rs. 300/- will be charged as fine each unattempted paper. Students will come in proper college uniform during the examination.