Aims & Objectives of PEF

The institution aims at equipping its students with substantial knowledge and skills besides mooring them to strong religious ethics and social values. It strives to make its students grow into well rounded personalities so as to become good human beings, patriotic citizens and productive individuals. In order to achieve the zenithal height in academic performance as well as moral and mental growth of its students, the college has laid down the following objectives:-

•             Providing quality and standardized education.
•             Effective transmission of knowledge and skills.
•             Sound character building.
•             Tangible intellectual development.

Focusing the beam of these objectives on the performance targets of the institution, one can find it as the right place:-

•             Where the goals are well defined.
•             Where the performance is far outshined.
•             Where the spirit of competition is consistently aroused.
•             Where the talents are properly galvanized.
•             Where the challenges are to be well-tackled.
•             Where the splendor in academics is to be accomplished.
•             Where grooming in character and ethics is ensured.